Curtis Stigers - Photo by Ben Wolf

Rock 'n' roll and jazz share so many of the same artistic bloodlines that it's remarkable the two don't fuse more often into the kind of inspired marriage of visceral clout and intellectual savvy conjured by the singer, songwriter and saxophonist Curtis Stigers.”
New York Times

Stigers might emerge as his generation's answer to Tony Bennett.”
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Stigers remains one of the most thoughtful and uncategorisable of artists. Armed with a characterful croon, a chiselled jaw and a saxophone, the American singer is winning wide acclaim . . . His stage manner is as droll and quick-witted as the very best stand-up comedian’s. Stigers is now one of the most sophisticated acts on the circuit. Do not miss him.”
The Times of London

Like Diana Krall, Stigers instinctively understands how to strike a balance between improvisation and entertainment. Jazz desperately needs more artists like him.”
The Times of London

When Curtis Stigers came on stage on Wednesday night, it felt as if someone had upped the wattage in the bulbs.”
Wall Street Journal

Immaculate in tie, suit and breast-pocket handkerchief, he is smack bang in fashion, making the kind of Blue Note post-bop to which 1960s ad executives sipped martinis. Stigers is a musician of taste and intelligence . . . an artist of genuine class and laconic charm.”
The Guardian

A jazz singer in the best sense.”
San Francisco Chronicle

If voices, like wines, had noses, Curtis Stigers’ would be dusky oak with hints of Willie Nelson, Harry Nilsson, Ray Charles and Matt Dennis. It’s a voice that’s at once young and old, tender and tough, warm and inviting as a caress, yet sturdy as a firm handshake.”
Jazz Times

The American vocalist is one of those rare performers who can strike an intelligent balance between pop and jazz, art and entertainment. I cannot think of another vocalist who creates such an exuberant combination of bebop artistry and raw emotion . . . Curtis Stigers has done a lot to redefine the art of jazz singing.”
London Sunday Times

He may be the most convincing ballad singer in jazz.”
New City Weekly, Chicago

Stigers croons, growls and scats in a fashion that manages to be both as authoritative as a veteran and as fresh as an ingenue.”

The embodiment of what happens when everything works. Nothing short of amazing.”
Critical Jazz